Landlord’s gas safety 


We are members of the Gas Safety Register and can help you with the Landlord’s Gas Safety Check and Certificate (formerly CP12). One of the landlord’s duties is to ensure that any gas appliances, fittings or flues are maintained in a safe condition in order to prevent the risk of injury to any person. By law, any gas appliance and flue must be checked for safety within 12 months of being installed and then checked regularly at 12-month intervals, according to the amended Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations (1998, amended in 2018). This law is in place to give you as a Landlord peace of mind. It ensures your appliances and gas meter, as well as pipes, are working correctly, efficiently and safely.

Ideally, methane burns completely and produces heat and carbon dioxide (like in coca-cola) and water. However, if something goes wrong during the burning process, other products of combustion can be formed. The most dangerous is CARBON MONOXIDE, which is extremely harmful to humans because it can cause paralysis, brain damage and death when inhaled. Incomplete combustion could be caused by many problems. For example: wrong pressure of gas, air not mixing with gas correctly or insufficient air supply. These issues, along with many others, can be checked only by experienced and accredited gas engineers, equipped with a gas analyser.

It is mandatory to do a Gas Safety Check once a year, but it is crucial to do this correctly. Like everything in this world, gas appliances wear out over time. It is only by ensuring your appliances are checked correctly and safely that you can be sure your homes are safe.

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer- we can’t smell, taste or see it. However, there are some small clues. One example is soot visible on appliances. Another is the colour of flames; they should be blue and not orange. The safest way to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning is to ensure your home is fitted with a detector that can warn you in time and perhaps save your life.

Like in many other cases, the most important thing is to use combined methods: have your Gas Safety Check completed fully and efficiently, ensure you have a working carbon monoxide detector assembled in the right position and be on guard!

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